UK Immigration Barristers

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Do you need a UK Visa? Do you have a UK Immigration issue?

We can help. UK Immigration can be a complex area of UK law therefore, it is vital to utilise the services of a professional. We only use the services of a UK Immigration Specialist & a legal administrative team. This means that you have a specialist advocate advising and representing you on points of law, as well as an administrative support team that will assist your Immigration Specialist in the administrative matters relating to your case.

Through the experience we have gained in UK immigration we fully understand that no two cases are the same. That is why our network has a rigorous and devoted process of choosing the right UK Immigration Specialist for your individual matter. When you use our services, we'll take the guess work of finding the right specialist away from you.

We do not believe in charging uncapped fees or hourly rates. Our network’s pricing policy provides you with your entire visa processing costs in advance - with no unexpected surprises.

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How UK Immigration Specialists can help you

  • They will look at all of the relevant information surrounding your case, putting all the pieces together. Every case has its own merits therefore, it is of the utmost importance that they analyse and assess your individual circumstances before they take your case forward. Only then will they fully inform you on what they will do next.
  • The collation of documents is the back bone of your case, as it helps to strengthen and validate your UK visa application. Our network of Immigration Specialists will give you unrestricted access to a unique Case Management System, so you can raise any concerns you may have. It will also allow you to send important documents from the comfort of your home or office, 24 hours a day. No need for appointments.
  • Once the documents have been collated your Immigration Specialist will then apply legal representation, applying the latest immigration rules to your application. This alone could be the difference in your application being rejected or granted. It's in these very important legal representations that our Immigration Specialists will use the expertise that they have honed, through submitting thousands of successful UK visa applications, in presenting your case.
  • The Home Office makes their decisions based on the documents and legal representations that are presented to them. In most instances they don't get to meet you in person, hence the importance of the documents that our Immigration Specialists submit to them containing relevant facts about your case that are further validated and strengthened by applying current UK immigration law.
  • It does not stop there. Once your application is submitted, your UK Immigration Specialist will closely monitor the progress of your application with the deliberating body until a decision has been reached. They will then notify you of the outcome, so you are up-to-date on any information regarding your UK visa application.

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