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Obtaining a Visa for the UK can be a complex process; however, we understand more than most what it is like dealing with the UK immigration authorities, navigating through the complex rules and regulations of the UK immigration process and the emotional toll it can bring to you and your loved ones. So that's why we have immigration specialists waiting to help you.

Hard facts
- visa refusals have risen by some 18%. That’s one application in six! It is vital an application meets all the requirements needed by the Home Office or it will be refused. Do you know what they are?

Our immigration service supports all UK visas – Marriage, Tourist, Academic, Citizenship, Human Rights and Corporate.

If you are not sure about how you should complete your UK visa application, then why risk getting it wrong? Our experienced network of immigration experts can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful self-application.

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Our network of lawyers offers expert help with your UK visa application. We help thousands of applicants like you, every year.

Our service is unique and totally tailored to you. Our lawyers will be your personal lawyers. From your first telephone call you will be given a clear and honest assessment of your case.

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0203 511 2441, we are waiting to help you.

How UK immigration specialists can help you:

  • A detailed review of your circumstances to establish if you qualify.
  • Answers to any questions you may have regarding your application.
  • Ensuring the information needed to support your application is correct.
  • Completion of your application form.
  • Submission of your application on your behalf.
  • Access to a 24/7 online case management system.

How to Apply

It's simple. Complete the on-screen UK Visa assessment form, answering the simple questions and then press submit. We will then look at your details and call you back to discuss your options.

Alternatively, call us on 0203 511 2441 , speak to a legal administrator who will take a few basic details before referring your case to an immigration specialist from our network.

All communication is 100% confidential and secure.

Why Choose Us?  

UK Immigration Barristers are market leaders in the UK Immigration industry and have helped over 11,000 clients with their visa and immigration process for the UK.

Our network of Immigration Lawyers expands across the UK, our service is completely confidential and there’s no risk involved when trying to select the right lawyer for your matter.

What our network can offer

From your first phone call to the final result, our lawyers will personally deal with every aspect of your case so that both you and the lawyer are ideally prepared for every potential issue the Home Office raises.

You will be given a clear and honest assessment of the merits of your case and exact details of the cost to you – no surprises months down the line.

  • Fixed fees
  • Transparent service
  • Online case tracking*
  • Specialist lawyer to match your case type

How to start

To have the best chance in winning your case, complete the on-screen assessment form, answering the simple questions and submitting an enquiry. 

Alternatively, call us on 0203 511 2441. Speak to our professional assessment team who will take a few basic details before referring your case to an Immigration Specialist from our exclusive network.

All communication is 100% confidential and secure.

How our network of Lawyers compares:

UK Immigration Barristers

Home Office

Practical assistance with your UK visa. NO – You are provided with a set of guidance notes only.
Working towards a successful outcome. NO – The Home Office first looks for reasons to refuse.
Free case assessment. NO – There will be no initial review of your circumstances before sending an application.


If you are visiting the UK you must ensure your visa has been granted prior to travelling. There are over 30 different types of UK visas; you must ensure you meet the requirements and criteria for the one that matches your purpose of visit.

Each category of visa has its own unique set of criteria but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Relations in UK
  • English language ability
  • Accommodation
  • Maintenance level

Now that you've read some of the requirements, let us help you with your application…

Simply call us on
0203 511 2441 and our assessment team will ask you for some basic details and pass these on to one of our exclusive network of Immigration Specialists.

, fill in our easy on-screen assessment form on the top right hand side of this page and one of our immigration specialists will call you.

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