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Did you know? Appealing an immigration decision could end up in the courts. Having immigration representation for an appeal can increase the chances of case success by as much as 75%. In some cases a UK visa appeal matter can be resolved before reaching tribunal.

UK Visa Appeal Facts

  • On average, 47% of refused UK visa applications are appealed every year*
  • The majority of appeals are lodged for cases involving asylum*

What is a UK Visa Appeal?

Should you have received a UK entry clearance refusal letter, a UK visa appeal gives you the opportunity to contest the decision should you disagree with the reasons as to why your application was refused.

Overseas appeals

If you’re based outside the UK you have just 28 days (from the receipt of your entry refusal letter) to appeal the decision. It must be lodged during this time otherwise the right of appeal is lost.

Appealing in Britain   

If you’re appealing a refusal decision from within the UK you are given just 10 working days to make that appeal. That’s why instructing an Immigration Lawyer has proven to be the best route for many individuals.

Failing to appeal

Should you choose not to appeal you would have to submit a fresh application. This can prove costly and, given the current backlog, your new application could take up to 9 months to process. If given the option to appeal you can do so immediately.

What Our Network Can Offer

Our network of Immigration Lawyers offer legal immigration representation for all appeals cases. Legal representation is vital to the most vulnerable who are confused by the appeals process, is this you?

The most unique aspect of our network is having a part-time judge in the ranks that has presided over a number of UK visa appeals cases. His knowledge and expertise has proved to be invaluable in helping our clients to lodge an airtight appeals case. Whilst unable to act on your behalf [for impartiality reasons], having first-hand knowledge of how the immigration appeals process works gives you a distinct advantage in terms of assessing the merit of your appeals case.

  • Our professional assessment experts provide a free case review
  • Our network of Immigration Lawyers are able to provide legal representation should an appeals case go to tribunal   

Call our professional assessment team direct on 0203 511 2090 and discuss your options in more detail.

Did you know? 99% of our customers are satisfied with our service based on 140 reviews from external review sites.


Why Choose Us?  

  • UK Immigration Barristers are market leaders in the UK Immigration industry. We achieve excellent results far above the industry standard. Our procedures are fast and efficient, resulting in moving your immigration case towards a successful resolution
  • At UK Immigration Barristers we aim for the highest standards. We do not charge any form of document opening fee or up front administration charge
  • Our network of Immigration Lawyers expands across major cities in the UK including: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bradford and Leicester

How our network of Lawyers compares:

UK Immigration Barristers

Home Office

Practical assistance with your UK Visa appeal. NO – You are provided with a set of guidance notes only.
Working towards a successful outcome. NO – The Home Office first looks for reasons to refuse.
Free case assessment. NO – There will be no initial review of your circumstances before sending an application.

How to Apply

To apply you can complete the on-screen assessment form, answering the simple questions and submitting. An Immigration Specialist will call you.

Alternatively, call us on 0203 511 2090 . Speak to a legal administrator who will take a few basic details before referring your case to an Immigration Specialist from our network.

All communication is 100% confidential and secure.

Latest News

16 Oct

One in Five Marriages in the UK Deemed an Immigration Sham

Shocking new data has revealed that for every five marriages in Britain one of them will be a UK immigration sham.

One of Britain’s top marriage registrars says the figure could actually be higher as the figures provided are based on those UK immigration sham marriages reported to the Home Office.

In a statement from Mark Rimmer, the Chairman of the Local Registration Services Association, he said: “The number of cases reported to the Home Office is ‘just the tip of the iceberg’.”

He then went onto estimate that 20% of marriages across Britain’s cities are abusing UK immigration law.

Official Home Office statistics reveal that the number of reported sham marriages has tripled in the last three years to 1,800.

However, Mr Rimmer declared that the figure could be up to 10 times higher; believing that 15,000 of the 173,000 civil wedding ceremonies carried out across England and Wales every year will be bogus in a bid to bypass UK immigration laws.

Perhaps controversially Mr Rimmer cited areas of ‘ethnicity’ as the worst offenders for sham marriages with London picked out as a prolific offender with sham marriages taking place ‘multiple times per week.’

During an interview with Sky News, Mr Rimmer stated: “We have seen huge increases in potential sham marriages presenting themselves to us, we now have more reports from registrars going to the Home Office, but I think that is the tip of a very large iceberg, and effectively the real scale of the problem is far greater than that that is reported to the Home Office officially.”

He added: “Most registration officers are not UK immigration officers, they came into this business to facilitate marriage. So therefore they don't want to be cynical.”

He concluded: “Unfortunately therefore what happens is the ones that are absolutely blatant get reported and there are some that are borderline that slip through without being reported - and that is the iceberg under the water and that's huge - it is absolutely huge.”         


13 Oct

B Jameson, London.

"An extra special thanks to the lawyer you put us through to. We were impressed with how quick the assessment team called us after we had done the form on your site. Everything seemed to happen really quickly with you. Eventually the marriage visa came, we can relax now. Many thanks for the service." 

12 Oct

P and L Thompson, Birmingham.

 "Great result. I cannot thank you enough I jumped a mile when Leslie's marriage visa was granted. You did a great job the service went above and beyond to help a desperate couple. The lawyer, she was magnificent, our endless thanks to you."

27 Sep

L and T Evans, Nottingham.

"A miracle happened when the marriage visa was granted. This was our third application and having failed twice trying by ourselves we knew we needed help and your immigration consultancy were perfect. Great lawyer, he knew just how to help us. Joseph was thrilled with the outcome."

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22 Sep

C Angelis, Philippines

“Got visa for marrying in England. Full of joy & can’t wait to be in London with my partner. Big thanks to you.”.