Pakistani Men Show Perks of ‘Open Door’ UK Immigration Policy

A group of three Pakistani men have been presented with honorary degrees in Bradford after creating hundreds of jobs and providing support to charities in the process. The University of Bradford, who handed out the degrees, said that there are perks to allowing immigrants to pass through the UK Immigration system.

The University of Bradford has said that an ‘open door policy on UK Immigration is the most beneficial policy that could be implemented in order to boost the country’s floundering economy.’ The honorary doctorates awarded by Bradford University appear to back up their statement.

Those receiving the honours are all of Pakistani origin and all began life in the UK under incredibly challenging circumstances. However, they have overcome the odds in order to excel in business, which has greatly benefitted the UK economy as a result.

The men have been named as Mumtaz Khan Akbar, James Caan (from the BBC’s Dragons’ Den) and Sir Anwar Pervez. They have been rewarded for outstanding contribution to the British economy because of their business ventures and represent the benefits of relaxing UK Immigration policies rather than making them more restrictive.

The Road to Success

Mumtaz Khan Akbar was born in Azad Kashmir and arrived in Britain as a youngster. Educated in the UK, he left school at the age of 16 and took up employment in a Bradford textile factory and provided the only source of income for his family. With inspiration from his mother, Farzand Begum, he accumulated enough money to set up a restaurant business called the ‘Mumtaz Restaurant’ on Great Horton Road, Bradford.

The business became an instant success and the ‘Mumtaz’ empire has expanded into other catering ventures including ‘Mumtaz Food Industries’, which had turned over an estimated £85 million since its inception.

James Caan is perhaps the most well-known of the group, given his time in the TV spotlight as an investor on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den programme. James Caan was born in Lahore and arrived in the UK alongside his family at just 2-years-old.

Whilst the Caans were considerably better offer than the majority of other Pakistani’s passing through the UK Immigration system, they still endured a difficult time establishing themselves in Britain. The Caans did arrive already operating a successful clothing business, but it wasn’t long before James Caan set out on his own path to success.

James Caan is now a well-established Chief Executive of a private equity firm called ‘Hamilton Bradshaw’, which has a £250 million turnover and expands across 30 nations. Mr Caan is also deeply passionate about charity work and invests heavily in schools in Pakistan and relief charities in Bosnia, Kashmir and Kenya.

Sir Anwar Pervez arrived in Bradford during the 1950s at the age of 21. He began life in the UK as a trolley bus driver. In 1963 he set up a convenience store, which grew into a chain of 10 convenience stores by the 1970s. He is now the Chief of ‘Bestway’, which now has the second highest turnover of any cash-and-carry in Britain.

Whilst the common misconception is that UK Immigration allows immigrants in that take the jobs of British citizens, these men have created a counter-culture that actually creates jobs for British people. In a statement from Bradford University they said: “On the evidence of such achievements, the UK Government should be encouraging an ‘open door’ policy on UK Immigration and not excluding people who can quite clearly ‘add something special’ to Britain.”

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