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Seeking asylum from persecution, torture or death? Fleeing war or poverty? Are you a failed asylum seeker

Are you currently in detention awaiting deportation? Unsure of what grounds to claim asylum in the UK?

Asylum is a form of protection extended to individuals by the UK government. Asylum seekers must be able to provide valid evidence for claiming UK asylum based on a fear of persecution, torture or death. Your success will depend on whether the Home Office believes your account and whether they believe that there is a reasonable risk that you will receive some form of serious harm, rather than just some harassment and relatively minor intimidation if you are returned to the country you fled from.

Does sending you back to your country of birth mean persecution, torture or death? Is UK asylum your only hope? Our network of Immigration Lawyers have helped many asylum seekers make their case for UK asylum. They can help you too.

What Our Network Can Offer

Our network of Immigration Lawyers have over 50 years’ worth of combined experience. Legal representation represents the best choice for you as a failed asylum seeker or as a new claimant seeking asylum in UK territory.

Every individual has a different reason for claiming asylum in UK territory; therefore we offer a free review of your circumstances when you call our professional UK asylum assessment team.

What makes our network unique is that we can call on the expertise of a part-time judge. His experience has proven to be invaluable in helping clients with UK asylum cases and he’s knowledge alone could be the difference between a failed UK asylum application and a successful one.

Why Choose Us?

  • UK Immigration Barristers are market leaders in the UK Immigration industry and have helped over 11'000 clients start their immigration process.
  • Our network of Immigration Lawyers expands across major cities in the UK including: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Bradford and Leicester.

How to Apply

To get help preventing deportation and removal from the UK, complete the on-screen assessment form, answering the simple questions and submitting an enquiry. An Immigration Specialist will call you STRAIGHTAWAY.

Alternatively, call us on 0203 511 2090 . Speak to our professional assessment team who will take a few basic details before referring your case to an Immigration Specialist from our exclusive network.

All communication is 100% confidential and secure.

Did you know? 99% of our customers are satisfied with our service based on 140 reviews from external review sites.


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09 Sep

Mr and Mrs Hassan, Oxford

"We thank you for your support in our asylum matter it has been an interesting journey hasn't it! We were overjoyed to get the news that we can stay in Britain and we hope to stay for a long time to come, but we would come back to you if we had any more problems with immigration."